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The Jaguar Timing System Advantage

Prior to Jaguar, nearly all systems used mats or ramps, and most still do today.
This design may suffer for a number of reasons which have been well documented and understood. Let’s examine a few of these issues.

Potential Problems with mat/ramp systems:

  • The failure of a single mat/ramp can greatly impact read success
  • The chips are essentially in control, not the timing system
  • Data collisions can cause severe read problems
  • Metal such as rebar in roads can cause issues
  • Weather such as snow, ice or mud can cause lost reads
  • Read distance from the chip to the mat or ramp is often very short
  • Read redundancy is limited due to short chip views
  • Electrical power lines and RF noise can cause read problems
  • Potential danger to the athlete who may trip or slip
  • Damage can occur to the mats or ramps from heavy vehicles
  • Difficult to use on open roads with automobile traffic
  • High density of athletes can cause missed chip reads

Advantages of the Jaguar System Design:

  • The failure of a single antenna has little impact on read success
  • The system controls the chips, not the other way around
  • Metal objects near the finish line are not a concern
  • Weather such as snow, ice or mud is not a great concern
  • Distance from the chip to the antenna can be up to 50 feet
  • The system can see the chip coming and adjust to density
  • Redundancy is far superior to mat or ramp systems
  • Electrical noise and RF noise are not a problem
  • Chips are read multiple times, which increases read success
  • Athletes don’t run the risk of tripping or slipping on a mat or ramp
  • Can be used on open roads and reads chips from the sides
  • Software and hardware work together to maximize read success

Race Timing and Management

We use the newest jaguar timing system to ensure fast, accurate results for our race directors.

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